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We are Mark Twain’s traveling theatre and we perform our Living History productions for discriminating theaters and libraries.  The common thread is a general love of history and a specific fondness for Mark Twain.

Playwright Rick Bonnette has been performing as Mark Twain for nearly twenty years.  Samuel Clemens traveled in a remarkable circle of friends.  Rick includes them in four original plays that highlight Twain’s close relationships with Ulysses S. Grant, Harriet Beecher Stowe and Frederick Douglass, some of America’s most influential and consequential people. 

Rick’s one man show is “TWAIN 2020”.  In 1880 Twain declared himself a candidate for President of the United States.  With a campaign slogan “You could do a lot worse”, he returns to run again in 2020.  Not a moment too soon!

Rick has also has written a play to debut in January- “His Excellency Mark Twain”.   Set in 1880 and rising to the hue and cry of the public Twain declares himself a candidate for President of the United States. His dear friends try to disabuse him of the notion.  Fireworks ensue and the Twain cabal marches to an unexpected finale.

You Should:

  • Engage Rick for an evening with Mark Twain. Select either “TWAIN 2020” or Twain’s “GREAT AMERICAN HEROES”.

  • Consider DO IT YOURSELF TWAIN. This is Pop Up theater.                    First you select one of four original plays about Twain, Grant, Stowe or Douglass.  Find willing actors (hams) and perform script in hand.  Just think of it no rehearsals, costumes or stage fright. Perform in your local library, community center or living room. 

Twain and General Grant read through their lines.

We expect to bring a smile to your face as you “Bring History to Life and Life to History!